How does Swift Coaching do it?


We believe that creating conscious leaders, (Leaders of self and leaders of others) and focusing on all client facing employees, using our covert (we could tell you, but we would have to invoice you), proven winning formula, has a measurable and positive impact. We encourage regular interaction with the management team throughout our journey with you.



We focus on working with leaders, sales divisions and all client facing employees.

  • Diagnostics: using profiling and analysis from SalesMatch (UK), of which Tanya Kunze is an associate Director.

  • Consulting: constructed around the profiling and outcomes required from EXCO

  • Workshops: bespoke and in line with our processes, the outcomes required by your company – in essence we partner you for the duration of our journey together.

  • Training: Unaccredited and developed in line with your required results using the outcomes of the diagnostics we build with you (For accredited courses for accredited courses)

  • Coaching: group coaching is best as it is powerful and has the best results to date. We do offer one on one coaching with one of our professional coaches.

How do we add value to you?

With a definitive focus on the empowerment of your human capital… (still…..your greatest asset) and a keen eye on your return on investment (ROI) and return on relationship (ROR), we profile, discuss, analyse and agree on the most effective development strategy to positively impact the growth trajectory of your company. We achieve this by implementing either an outcomes or educational based workshop, training process, consulting contract or group/individual coaching intervention.

Swift Coaching is dedicated to leadership amplification, sales enrichment and harnessing the power of profiling, positivity and mindfulness.


  • Profiling

  • Coaching

  • Workshops

  • Motivation

  • Training

  • Consulting


  • Leadership or management workshops, training, coaching;

  • Company (EXCO) focus, sales plans and strategy workshops, training, coaching;

  • Detoxifying negative thinking and stress, by means of Neuroscience enriched mindfulness workshops, training, coaching;

  • Sales coaching  

  • Neuroscience coaching

Our market focus:

  • Educational institutions

  • Entrepreneurs

  • SME

  • Large companies

  • Listed companies

We have coached several thousand:

•     C-Suite or EXCO

•     Management (teams or individuals)

•     Experienced employees (teams or individuals)

•     Entry-level employees (teams or individuals)

•     Scholars (groups)

This is the generic framework that we create bespoke interventions around:

•     Profiling—sales-specific or individual DISC profiles and team building workshops

•     ‘Neuroscience of Sales’—course (2-day, 5-day, 3-month) sales development

•     ‘Power of Positivity’—workshops (half-day or full-day) underpinned by neuroscience

•     ‘Corporate strategy and implementation’ – (Full day and implementation journey)

•     Neuroscience Coaching (group or individuals)

•     Executive Coaching (group or individuals)

•     Business Coaching (group or individuals)

A sneak peek into how its done….

The ‘Neuroscience of Sales’ Course includes: 

(2-day, 5-day, 3-month. For management or business development groups)

  • Personal profiling: understanding your unique profile and your areas of strength

  • Customer profiling: how to identify the profiles of your customers to enhance sales   conversion

  • The psychology of sales: how to open, present, communicate, tell stories, sell, close and service your customers optimally based on your profile strengths 

Outcomes of the course include:

  • Harnessing sales skills, using fundamentals of sales, based on core competencies;

  • Identification of customer profiles and how best to sell to them; 

  • Understanding and implementing close ratios; 

  • Increasing productivity, overcoming communication barriers, achieving goals; 

  • How to consistently reach service delivery and client acquisition targets; 

  • Understand the role of business development within professional services; 

  • The power of unified thinking and collaboration;

  • Defining and segmenting the market with a view to client targeting;

  • Developing a differentiated client value proposition;

  • Identifying organisational barriers and enablers in order to deliver value to clients.

The ‘Power Of Positivity’ workshop includes:

(Half or full-day workshops. For all employees) 

The science underpinning consciousness: 

A motivational journey starting 450 million years ago, rich with self-discovery and resulting in the awareness of your consciousness potential 

  • Detoxifying negative thinking and managing stress by means of neuroscience enriched mindfulness ​


Outcomes of the course include:

  • Motivation and a positive, conscious mindset;

  • Shifting from presenteeism into motivation; 

  • The impact of positivity versus negativity;

  • The power of unified thinking and collaboration;

  • Detoxifying negative thinking and managing stress by means of neuroscience enriched mindfulness

The ‘BIG 5’ leadership and self- development coaching process

(3-month coaching course)

  • Challenging where you or your company are now

  • Co-creating a critical path of where you or your company want to be

  • Identifying and unpacking the blocks

  • Ascertaining where you or your company are in the change process

  • Building the roadmap

  • How to implement with consistency• Methodologies to stay on track 

Outcomes of the course include:

  • Increased focus;

  • Amplified motivation; 

  • Productivity;