Our validation is repeat business from our clients.


We have been so blessed to have worked with the most amazing clients, who have been so kind as to share their experiences for public forum. For that we thank you!

Leader and Company TESTIMONIALS

“Thanks once again for giving us your time, for engaging with my team on your selling and presentation skills course. The feedback from the team has been fantastic.

It was really great to have a course where the content was out the box thinking, dynamic, relevant and so easy to take the learnings and implement into the field. I certainly believe the skills we learnt could give my team the edge we need in a very challenging environment.

We are certainly looking forward to our next session. 

Thanks once again for providing us with some unbelievable insights into the world of sales."

Simon Bent, National Sales Manager - Stanlib

“I have had the pleasure of employing the Coaching services of Swift Coaching on several occasions.

The first instance BASF asked Swift Coaching to assess and train the existing sales team. The manner in which this was handled was both professional and effective in teaching the correct sales processes to our sales team. The results were both measurable and successful.

We then decided to promote individuals with no previous sales experience from our production team. We asked Swift Coaching to prepare an Introduction to Sales Course for these individuals. This was run with them 5 months ago and I am pleased to be able to report that the development sales team members are now successfully working in our sales team and returning sales results that continue to impress the Management Team at BASF.

We have no reservations in recommending Swift Coaching to any company that would like to improve their sales team’s effectiveness and efficiency."

David Killops – National Sales Manager - BASF

“Swift Coaching, under the leadership of Tanya Kunze has delivered several benefits to Cartrack’s National Sales Team. We have seen improvements in teamwork, communication and accountability, which has resulted in sales process ownership and improved sales outcomes.

Tanya has a strong skillset of applied EQ and demonstrates strong situational leadership. Her vast sales coaching knowledge and people skills enables her to effectively connect with groups of individuals. She builds rapport, can lead a group of individuals to channel efforts towards accountability and outcomes based actions. She exemplifies a passion for coaching and people development. Tanya is adaptable, reads a situation well and has demonstrated change agility to best suit the needs of the company.

You are a pleasure to partner with."

Rosemarie van den Heever, General Manager Sales - Cartrack

"I wanted to compliment you and your organisation for being able to affect that rare blend of personal touch, offering such a human element to the skill of sales training. The value that we have derived from your organisation has been outstanding and lasting. The team who participated have embraced their jobs with a new sense of vigour, which comes from being empowered. Well done to you and your organsition."

Marc Lubner - CEO of Afrika Tikkun

"Please accept this letter as my highest recommendation to Tanya Kunze from the company Swift Coaching. I have had the opportunity to work with Tanya since January 2014. Her coaching and strategic planning has been invalubale to our company enabling us to establish strong internal business strategies and processes. 


I and my entire executive team would highly recommend the services provided by Tanya Kunze as her skills, ethics, professionalism, commitment and superior knowledge and guidance has been absolutely invaluable to our company. We are truly pleased and impressed by the outstanding service we received from Tanya.”

Bruce Arnott, Managing Director

“In an industry where the leaders in real estate often are over worked and underutilized in their personal and business strengths.

 In a turbulent and trying industry we experienced a breath of fresh air and completely different perspective.

Tanya's passion in delving head on to ensure your personal development and truths are realized, furthermore empowered our beliefs in our staff, their understanding of each other and importantly the self-realization.

To know that I could live my dreams, Both professionally and personally,  I highly recommend Tanya to empower, uplift and shine light where there had been uncertainty. An asset for any company and experience that is everlasting." 

Tamara Nettman, Principal and Director Western Seaboard. Multi-Award winning international broker - Century 21

Multi-Award winning international broker

“Tanya, I would not have made it through this tough year without you. By the way I have been nominated for the CEO award which it the top award Tiger has. Thanks to you, your enthusiastic and professional manner.  I owe you!"

Darryl Thwaits, CIO - Tiger Brands

“Tanya is a rockstar in the sales space. Her podcast interview on the Matt brown show is amongst our most downloaded to date”

Matt Brown

"Thank you so much for helping us and our business.

I want to take this chance to commend you on the quality of work you provided myself and company in the past weeks.

I found your program extremely insightful and effective, your advice got me thinking and has made a lot of areas in myself and business more clear.

I have used your book as a reference for many of the strategies I am implementing."

Chris Bothma


“My coaching with Tanya was phenomenal, she combines a scientific, pragmatic approach with her own insights and experiences gained as an executive. She’s not a theoretical coach, but rather someone with real experience gained in true corporate business environments. She could relate to me as a working mom trying to balance the demands of an exec role with single parenting. I would recommend Tanya and in fact I wish I had met her sooner.”

Julia Modise, General Manager HR - Multichoice

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“I would like to thank you, for all the help last year. Your coaching has made such a difference in my life, both personal and at work. Thanks to you I got Sales Man of the Year, And the MVP. I would definitely recommend your course to anyone who wants to improve their life.”

Brett Penny (Fat Budgie)

“It has equipped me with the knowledge to become a multi-faceted sales representative. I am more driven and focused to achieve because of the various sales techniques I've been taught.I can now identify the various personalities I interact with and then adapt in order to gain their business.

In short, the program has simplified sales with a more direct approach."

Andrew Rosslee (Sales Manager)

"Tanya is a wonderful coach whose warm, intuitive approach and creative skills make her absolutely delightful to work with. If you are committed to making real change and improvements in your life her non-judgemental yet relentless coaching style is ideal.  Her techniques support people in being accountable for their choices and discovering new avenues to reach their full potential. I am grateful to Tanya for helping me push through barriers that were preventing me from moving forward and reaching my goals. Working with her has taken me further, faster than I would or could have done on my own. She helped illuminate a clearer path and a more balanced perspective. Her coaching techniques led me to create solutions that I may not otherwise have considered.  Through her coaching Tanya has found a meaningful way to share her wisdom, generosity of spirit and experience with clarity and integrity. I highly recommend her to anyone who looking to reach new heights of joy, achievement and satisfaction in their lives.”

Carina (Attorney)

“The sales training and development program was worthwhile because it gave me a wider view on my closing rate and how to utilize my time effectively. It also helped me understand the different sales techniques, selling approach and different kinds of people that you will come across in the field such as visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Therefore I feel more confident and motivated in my career."

Shamil Fadal (Sales Executive)

“It has taught me new methods of selling and to keep track of what I do on a daily basis. The biggest thing that I have gained from this training is to not just dream but also to take action of those dreams, which has led me to make MAJOR life changing decisions which will not just benefit me personally but also in my career as a sales rep."

Brandon King (Sales Executive) 

“The importance of reading clients and knowing their preferences of how to deal with them, which will ultimately strengthen my relationship with the clients and their trust, which can only lead to a more profitable future."

Shane Riley (Sales Executive)

“Thank you for my session yesterday, I cannot tell you the impact our chat has had on me, You really just put complicated issues into perspective and you have a way of simplifying the complexities of life"

Bryan Sanders (MD)

"Thank you so much for yesterday, your talk was so powerful, Wends and I left feeling inspired and refreshed”

 Ashley Galliard

"It was wonderfully insightful. I was so excited when I was listening to your presentation and energised by the content. I am so passionate about this stuff and really believe in it. It was a blessing"

Shinell Pretorius

"I am still thinking about how our emotions shifted while seeing various visuals and I realised how easy it is for one to make others feel differently. Wow that was powerful. And what I loved the most was that when people left the workshop, they were happier than when they arrived."

Diamond Ngwenya (Executive PA)

The most amazing  thing about our sessions was that Tanya seemed to have this very deep insight almost Intuitive feel that guided her response, the weekly goals that were set were just so spot on and beneficial. The sessions lasted on average an hour, which just flew past, on the odd occasion if I couldn't make it to Johannesburg; we did our sessions over the phone or via Skype.

When I look back now and see how much my life has changed for the better, I find that I'm really at a loss to adequately describe the impact Tanya had on my life.

Probably it’s more beneficial if I choose a couple of adjectives to describe the overall experience:

Real; Caring; Genuine ; Respectful ; Beneficial; Honest; Confidential; Kind; Understanding; Resonant; Compassion; Connected; Grounded; Human; Openness ; Thought provoking ;Motivational ; Supportive ; Knowledgeable ; Learning / Growing ; Getting to the root; and always Positive.

In a single sentence I would just say , spend 5 minutes with Tanya  and you will quickly feel that she is truly everything I have tried to condense in just a page."

Tino Robin

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"I wanted to take the time to say WOW what amazing Personal Business Coaching I have experienced with Swift Coaching. Tanya is professional and passionate what she offers, and I have grown and learnt a lot within my business and growth in personal life, I would highly recommend Swift."

Michelle Ann Smith (Woven Bark Design Studio)