Swift Coaching achieves our outcomes by following our tried-and-tested methodology of profiling, analysing and discussing our proposed solutions with EXCO and then implementing either an outcomes or educational based workshop, training process, consulting contract or group/individual coaching journey.

We are all about mind, body and energy maketh the money!


We believe in individuals and their uniqueness and the strength of one’s mind, positive energy and abilities – We are NOT traditional – we develop capabilities and we work on the mind, consciousness and the skill each person is gifted with (Do what you love and love what you do!) – this creates champions and long-term shifts, not only in people, but in the bottom line of your company.


WE ARE A CERTIFIED COACHING PRACTICE with The Coaching and Mentors association of South Africa (COMENSA)

(P.S. always a good idea to check if people claiming to be qualified coaches are actually qualified.)

We are not the norm, we are forward thinking, we are passionate, and we are all about the development of people to reach their highest potential. Our processes and coaching methodologies are focused on all levels of employees, from EXCO, C-Suite and management to entry-level employees, with one goal in mind: to increase job satisfaction so that your company can be taken to the next level.

If you are tired of the same old A-Type motivational, one size fits all

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YOU have come to the right place!


  • Coaching

  • Training

  • Consulting

  • Profiling

  • Workshops

  • Motivation


  • Leadership development

  • Sales enrichment

  • Strategy creation

  • Marketing focus

  • Business development

  • Shifting to positivity and abundance thinking

We are high energy, we connect with your people, we have extensive practical experience and have the qualifications in coaching and training to back it up!


Our revolutionary formula is vastly different from every other leadership, business development, sales, strategy or marketing focused initiative in existence globally. We encompass just the right percentage of precise profiling from SalesMatch (UK), the hottest neuroscience, human development, psychosomatic modifications in thinking, groundbreaking positioning of the mathematical close rate formulas and long-term psychological shifts, from primal to conscious – and on top of all of that we have almost three decades of practical experience in leadership, sales, marketing, strategy and business development - nationally and internationally. We are exceedingly unique and revolutionary in our approach and have created methodologies that are by no means text book. We have taken practical tried and tested in-the-field acumen and we have synergised clinical psychology based-coaching methodologies, to create notable positive shifts.


Our objective is to provide solutions based on your needs and requirements, so that together we can create sustainable and long-term positive change within your organisation.

Our validation is repeat business from our clients….


The reason Swift Coaching was started was to address two difinitive needs our clients unanimously expressed:


Leaders attitudes and focus:

The first one is to shift their leaders’ attitudes from stressed, negative and resisting to positive and conscious with a ‘can do’ outlook.


We developed a bespoke neuroscience and business coaching toolkit, which enables us to create purpose, consciousness and focus.


In order to maximise personal, team and company leadership competencies, we prescribe fixing the core of the issues presented, with a  clear understanding of the root cause, rather than ‘putting a plaster’ on it. We do this by giving the groups or individuals on our courses or workshops a deeper view of their personal leadership strengths, pertaining to themselves as well as that of their team members, by means of feeding back and coaching the outcomes of our UK based DISC profiling tool.


Business development mindfulness:

The second is to configure the entire business development infrastructure, in alignment with your profiling outcomes. This is aimed at anyone who has an interaction with your clients; from management, client facing executives, support personnel, finance, technical and/or service delivery teams, through to admin and after sales service. 


Our findings are that with a conclusive understanding of how different people perceive situations, which varies dramatically from person to person – and based on a number of significant psychological factors, including the 48 different sales profiles - our groups experience the following outcomes;


  • they are able to identify the uniqueness of their colleagues and clients;

  • they embrace and understand how to use the practical tools we empower them with in alignment with their strengths;

  • they obtain the skillset of how to interact with or sell to the different profiles with far more awareness and conviction.


The result is a definitive positive shift to the bottom line. 


We are proud to say that we enjoy an extensive amount of repeat business, which we see as our clients satisfaction with the return on investment (ROI) that they experienced with us.


Our ethos is to fully understand who our clients are, what their needs are, how we can differentiate them and how we can adapt our offering to best assist them in achieving a measurable return on investment.


We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients and becoming a valuable part of their team, through their various stages of development.